What are cookies?

HANOS uses cookies - not the "double chocolate cookies" or "salted caramel cookies" that you'll find in our wholesalers' range, but cookies in the form of a small text file on your computer. Cookies ensure that you don't have to enter the same information (your login details, for example) every time you visit our website. Cookies also help us understand how our websites are used and how we can improve the sites and make them more user-friendly. Most cookies used on disappear when you close the browser, but there are also cookies that remain stored for several days or even years. Of course, you can delete them from your browser settings any time you wish.

Accept cookies
If you wish to use our websites with all their functions, you need to accept our cookies. You can accept our cookies in two different ways: by closing the cookie notification on your first visit to our websites or by proceeding further on our websites.

Deactivate or delete cookies
You can also, of course, deactivate cookies. Deactivating cookies? Keep in mind that this means our websites won't function properly. Deleting/deactivating cookies is explained here:

Functional cookies

Functional cookies are necessary for processes such as logging in with your login details or placing items in your shopping basket. These are all functions that won't work without cookies.